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Globester Reviews

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  • Absolutely best customer service!! Booking 96068

    Dear customer, We have checked the complaint relating this booking and we confirmed that our agent advised you the fare difference ,airline penalty to make the changes. You were not agreed to pay the additional money. Its an Airline ticket and we have to abide airline guidelines,rules to make any kind of changes once ticket is issued. Please feel free to contact our support team at 888-206-2080 or write to us on Regards, Peter kane More...
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  • happy customer

    I recently used globester to book a flight from Chicago to Dallas. The price was affordable. After booking the flight, I read numerous reviews from unsatisfied customers. I was worried everyday. To my surprise, I didn't have any trouble what so ever. Everything was legitimate. This was my first time using a travel agency. I had a fantastic weekend and I enjoyed my birthday without any airline problems . More...
    shawnte's Picture   shawnte    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globester

    Service is good and agents are helpful. However, it is difficult to get through to the agent who booked your travels sometimes because the service seems busy and rushed, they should add more agents. They accept payment for any service through any payment method which is a big plus compare to other travel websites. Prices are fair though cannot match that on The website design is very clean and uncluttered and it is a breeze to check flights. Also, try the mobile app for flight bookings. Overall Recommended More...
    Roger111's Picture   Roger111    0 Comments   Comments
  • Change of Flights When Overseas

    Dear Trangnguyen8485, We would like to thank you to use Globester for your Travel Plans. It is very unfortunate that you had a poor experience with us. We are continually trying to provide the best customer service possible to our customers. Given the airline system prices millions of itineraries, it sometimes excludes taxes most notably fuel surcharges as the fuel prices fluctuates. Secondly when multiple airlines are part of the itinerary they expect other airline to add the fuel surcharges which creates such pricing anomalies. We have clearly listed in our terms and conditions... More...
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  • Re: Flight

    Dear Shermhead, We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. We checked in on your issue with our internal records. We do not sell international tickets within 72 hours departure mostly to avoid credit card fraud. Secondly, we work with multiple sources to find the best prices for our customers. In this case, we did issue your ticket after everything was verified. Kindly note that there is a lot of credit card fraud in international travel mostly in cases when the travel is booked within 24 hours. Our extra precaution is mostly for the safety of our customers. We... More...
    GlobSupport's Picture   GlobSupport    0 Comments   Comments
  • Kindly contact Globester customer service

    Dear Peelia, We apologize for the inconvenience. Unfortunately we are unable to find any communications (voice mail or email) from you to Customer service regarding this issue. Kindly forward your reference code, order number, phone number, email address and the name of the travelers for us to look into the issue you have mentioned. Kindly note that the charges are made at the time of booking and we can not do any changes to the charged amounts as the charge is made by the airline system. Furthermore, as soon as Purchase Button is clicked, system sends an email showing exact number... More...
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  • Experience is good

    It was my first airline ticket purchase from Considering a number of complains I have read on several websites it was uneasy decision. But the price was tempting and reasonable. My motivation was that mostly people write complaints rather then good reviews. So I bought a ticket and have no regrets. The conformation was prompt. As far as seats reservation is concern for some one, it may be done on the websites of carriers with little more time but no problem. Usually when people check in with the airline they choose the seats. So I had good experience with this company and... More...
    val1's Picture   val1    0 Comments   Comments
  • A Real Experience

    I was buying a airplane ticket towards southeast Asia from JFK. At first I was very worried and skeptical about them asking me for credit card authorization form because I have never been asked to do so in my life. I started reading reviews which led me to this site. I started reading bad reviews of Globester and was reluctant to order a ticket from them after reading all the reviews. I called them and emailed them but they didn't get back to me until the end of the day. I was skeptical and unconfident to buy a ticket from them by that point. I asked them about Credid Card... More...
  • Globester Support Response: confirm your flight everyday!!

    Globester Support Response: confirm your flight everyday!! As discussed over the phone that airlines rule apply when you are a NO-SHOW on a flight. You can still get part of the money back by paying the cancellation penalty, as we were able to talk to the airline before they changed the status from Open to NO-SHOW. Please note that we will not be able to help refund any money in case that status is changed. In case you still want the part of the money back, please send us the authorization, otherwise you will loose all the money. We have helped you every step of the way and very sad... More...
    GlobSupport's Picture   GlobSupport    0 Comments   Comments
  • Important Update: Globester Customer

    Here is John's response in the post below. He did not see the emails as they went to his spam folder. We value our customers and help the best we can. Regards, Globester Support johnfrench says: (4 days ago) 0 Based on my experience, if you value customer service, you can have confidence in Globester. johnfrench says: (4 days ago) 0 Important Update: I received a call this evening from Globester, and am now convinced they did the right thing, although I was not aware. Not sure why I didn't receive the email, but Globester actually went beyond the call to help me... More...
    GlobSupport's Picture   GlobSupport    0 Comments   Comments
  • Prompt and Courteous and Cheapest Airfare

    I am one of those persons who rarely write reviews. We had a very pleasant experience purchasing a ticket with Globester last month, so I decided to let others know about them. My wife found Globester through Google search. We purchased 3 tickets from Vancouver to Cairo as they had the cheapest airfare we could find. I purchased tickets using my sister’s card. On the confirmation page, it requested me to send an authorization form signed by the card holder. We also received a mail from customer service to send the same form again. We received the e-tickets in the email right after I sent... More...
    adammahroos's Picture   adammahroos    2 Comments   Comments
  • Great Experience!

    I had the best experience ever with them. I am surprised to see negative comments about Globester. I go to Africa every year to do volunteering work. I used Globester first time in 2008. Globester required me to send a authorization form to confirm my identity as I was using a Canadian Credit Card. Since I had not heard of Globester before, I canceled my booking with them as I was hesitant to send the information. But even when they did not get my business they were just great. They canceled my ticket without any charge and suggested that I try them next time I travel. Since they were... More...
    chantal's Picture   chantal    0 Comments   Comments
  • AIrline Tickets

    Dear Montagg, We see in our records that you traveled to South America on a valid ticket you purchased from Globester. Our records indicate you had called Globester from the airport regarding an issue with your flight. Globester Support spoke with the Airlines and arranged a new flight on which you traveled. We understand that Airline assessed a penalty when they resolved the issue as the issue was reported after the flight had departed. We have opened an investigation with the airline but have not heard back. We will keep you updated as we hear back from the airlines.... More...
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  • Cheap tickets

    Hello, I want everybody to know about this cool website selling cheap tickets. I always take one trip a year but the economy being low and all, we weren't going to fly this year. But I had to search and voila!! I found They had amazingly low air fares that I wasn't sure about their real existence. but my dear fellow air travelers, please use them and look no more-they beat all leading on line travel websites. I am so impressed that I am spending my precious time to write for them, which I actually never do. I called them and left a message. Within few minutes... More...
  • Globester Stands By its Customers

    Dear Globester Customer, We are sorry to read the situation you describe here. Please send us the Ticket Numbers or Reference Code from Globester Support Link ( for us to help you here. If we have issued your tickets and you were not allowed to travel by the airline, we will make sure that your money is refunded back to you. As you know, selling a fake airline ticket to anyone is fraud as well as a criminal offense. We are very disappointed that without even contacting us you are using an Internet Forum to accuse Globester of selling fake tickets... More...
    GlobSupport's Picture   GlobSupport    1 Comments   Comments

    So here is the REAL story: Mr. T complains about poor customer service. He booked a ticket from an e-mail which bounced. We called him and found the correct e-mail. We have spent countless hours right since the minute he was a No-show on the flight trying to help him. We have taken his calls after office hours to help him best of our ability. After all the help, it is unfortunate that he posts a mail like this on the Internet. Mr. T missed the Flight and airline showed him as NO SHOW on the flight, which means he reached there when flight had left. He wanted us to put on the next flight,... More...
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