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Globester Reviews

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  • Outrageous charge for booking a trip to England for me

    When I attempted to book a trip to England through Globester, they connected me with a company called TravelDesk which scammed me royally. They charged me $400 for making the phone call booking me on Norwegian Air!! My credit card company did their best to fight this charge, which they agreed with me was outrageous, but Globester claimed they can charge anything they like for booking a customer on a flight. A reasonable charge for this service would be $25. Unless I get a $375 refund from Globester, I will do my utmost to warn potential travelers against using Globester or TravelDesk,... More...
    englishangela's Picture   englishangela    0 Comments   Comments
  • airline scam

    This was the worst experience ever. I was purchasing an airline ticket and I could not understand the accent of the customer service person. For this reason, the flight was confirmed out of the incorrect airport. However, when I immediately told them it was a mistake , they said I had to pay $100 cancel fee. Globester lied and said this was airline policy. Globester said they called the airline and this was their policy. However, when I called the airline, they said this is not their policy. They are not affliated with the airline even though they claim to be. They are liars and are rude. I... More...
    Ruthella's Picture   Ruthella    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globester switch and bait

    I was trying to purchase airline tickets for my daughter and a friend and purchasing airline tickets through this company was probably the worst experience I have ever had. First thing is that they lie on their advertisement about the rates. You can actually go to the airlines website and get a better rate. They hadn't even processed my order that when I threatened to cancel because of their higher rate I was told there would be a $100 cancellation fee. I then proceeded by telling them that I did not want my daughter to have a lengthy layover so they sent me an itinerary where she... More...
    howie200018's Picture   howie200018    0 Comments   Comments
  • Absolutely ridiculous customer service

    I attempted to change my reservation knowing that there would be some sort of fee associated with it. They told me it was going to cost $438 to change my reservation! That is the price of the ticket! I told them that that is ridiculous and they told me there is a flat $200 fee to change the ticket which is pretty steep in my book, and that the $238 was the additional cost for the flights, but when i look up the cost of the flights on their website they are the same price as what I originally paid. When I asked to speak to their supervisor and was trying to ask him about the additional $238... More...
  • Globster airline ticket

    I tried to buy airline ticket from Globster but they wanted me to send a picture of my drivers license and both sides of my credit card. My husband called AMX while I was on the phone with Globster. AMX said do not send that and when I told Globster they said they were going to charge me anyway and refused to send the ticket. I challenged the charge and won. Then Globster popped up on my credit report as two amounts in collection. This has ruined my credit score. And- they never sent the ticket. What can I do? More...
    KREED's Picture   KREED    0 Comments   Comments
  • Business Class tickets that AREN'T

    I made a request for Business class tickets to Hawaii. My receipt shows Cabin Class: Business Class. When I contacted the airlines for seat assignments I was given coach seats. When I contacted Globster again they said I had booked the tickets on line and they clearly showed the only part of my ticket that is business class is from one Island to the other--not the other 15 hours of the trip! That is garbage! My request was clear! Their disclaimer was not!!! I paid more for these tickets than if I had gone directly to the airlines! This is fraud clear and simple~! More...
    putoutgrandma's Picture   putoutgrandma    0 Comments   Comments
  • Terrible company and customer service. Holding me and my credit ransom!

    Terrible company and customer service. They have now hit my credit report and are holding me ransom. In short, I was in an airport without a flight. I called a number to get a ticket and experienced some bullying for my information. It was a bad day to travel and many flights were cancelled. I needed to make it to my destination and they said there was one seat remaining at an exorbitant price (over $900). I finally relented after they refused to let me check directly with the airline. I immediately talked with the airline and found that they had many seats available for a price around... More...
    antigravity13's Picture   antigravity13    2 Comments   Comments
  • Globester and their lack of integrity

    Globster is one of the worse companies I have ever had the misfortune of dealing with. In December I was flying Southwest to Oakland from SLC. My flight was cancelled due to weather. Out of desperation I called this company (?) to book me an alternate flight for my wife and I. They booked my on an alternate flight with Delta which was also subsequently cancelled for the same reason but charged me $960.00 for the privilege. A few days later I called for a refund and after speaking to 5 different people who continued to promise me a refund, Nothing happened. After two weeks and more... More...
    casey19's Picture   casey19    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globestar

    I booked a flight for a couple and specifically asked for the seats to be together, booked a rental car to be picked up at the airport and dropped off at the airport and on top that added insurance. My clients never sat together on the flights going or coming and the rental car company was not at the airport. When I called back to speak with a supervisor or manager, I was placed on hold for 12 minutes until their line hung up. Twice this happened with no call back. More...
    shamellefaire's Picture   shamellefaire    2 Comments   Comments
  • Complete CROOKS

    Do not use these crooks. They masquerade as Hawaiian Airlines, and sell you tickets on a different airline, we did not get as far as paying for the flight before I smelt a rat and told them to cancel it. They tried to charge my credit card for over $3000 for nothing. Unhelpful , unfriendly crooks DO NOT USE More...
    Gazzavc's Picture   Gazzavc    1 Comments   Comments
  • GLOBSTER is a fraudulant company. BEWARE!

    They masquerade as AIR CANADA RESERVATIONS on google and even answered AIR CANADA when I accidentally called them during Toronto flight cancellations. They told me the only seats left were two business class tickets for $1015 US each. (all flights out of toronto had bee cancelled and thousands of stranded passengers looking for seats) I booked them. Flight was cancelled so went to AC and they said the tickets were ECONOMY and only worth $750 each. I checked my VISA statement and GLOBSTER charged us $1015. I am reporting them to GOOGLE, REVENUE CANADA, the RCMP, VISA and the BBB. They... More...
    rileyp's Picture   rileyp    1 Comments   Comments
  • ruined my engagement weekend

    On Sep 19, i had purchased an airline ticket for NYC, leaving on the 21 of Sept to surprise my fiancee. When i had arrived to the airport for my flight on the 21, i was told by AA agent at the counter that my reservation doesnt exis aymore. At the airport, i had contacted globester by phone and I was told by agent Frank that I ( myself) cancelled the flight. Since my time was running out, I asked to speak to his supervisor (( Gustin). I was informed my his supervisor that the reservation has been cancelled by someone ( completely diff. than what i told by the other agent) His supervisor... More...
    samamare's Picture   samamare    2 Comments   Comments
  • Globester has horrible customer service and tried to scam me

    I tried to purchase a ticket for my mother to fly out of Las Vegas into Atlanta. My ticket was cancelled with no notice. I spoke to a supervisor to find out why and he told me that someone tried to contact me to verify that my information was correct. I told him I did not receive any calls or voice mail messages from this company. He proceeded to tell me that someone also sent me a email which I did not receive. I ask him to forward the email that they claim they sent with the date showing me that some one tried to contact me. He agreed to forward me the email but once I received the email... More...
    Natoya's Picture   Natoya    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globester will ROB you blind and never return your call!!!

    I have never in my life experienced something so unbelievable! Honestly! I was trying to book my wedding and honeymoon in St. Lucia at a Sandals which the tickets are non refundable. I typed in Delta Airlines on my google phone and the number that popped up so I thought. Even the web address said next to the number. They never corrected me once that they weren't delta. I say this because i mentioned to them how i was having trouble booking on the Delta website. It took forever to give them all my info due to the language barrier. Once booked they sent me an email while... More...
    bbburian903's Picture   bbburian903    2 Comments   Comments
  • Globester review

    I booked a flight online with them and the day after received an email telling me the flight couldn't be booked and to call them to rebook so I called and they tried to book another flight for 170.00 more. It was a SCAM from the beginning in my opinion! The man I talked to after I turned it down asked how much I was willing to spend and when I told him not much more than the first price he said okay goodbye. Very unprofessional, very unsatisfied. Please don't waste your time! More...
    Iblveinyou's Picture   Iblveinyou    1 Comments   Comments

    Never Again. YOU ARE THE WORST TRAVEL CONSOLIDATOR I booked air travel and a hotel room in Aruba through Globester . Viewing my online credit card statement, I saw where I was charged twice for the hotel, from two travel agencies I had never contacted, TSP Travel and LBF Travel. All reservations were made through Globester. Not exaggerating, I called Globester customer service every day for 9 days to get it straightened out. Their call center is obviously in India and it is nearly impossible to interpret their English. I was told a different story all 9 times, sometimes referred to TSP or... More...
  • Avoid: Company of Questionable Integrity

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. I too found myself being asked for passport copies, a copy of my credit cards as I booked a European summer vacation. Having done this many times with both Travelocity, Orbitz I was astounded and lead to be concerned cancelling my reservation.Despite the fact that there is no airline charge (I called the airline directly), they are now charging me $400. I can not believe this a legitimate company and would suggest they be avoided for the above more professional agents. Incidentally there price was higher than both of the above for the same trip. More...
    ilromano's Picture   ilromano    1 Comments   Comments
  • Unprofessional Service

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Two month after the booking, the company requested information for the card of my friend I used for the payment. They asked for authorization form, colour photocopy of both sides of the credit card, a valid US driver%u2019s license and passport page showing photograph and signature. What kind of service would ask for such my private information at once? But alright, we did the form and a copy of a state ID. Send it to them three days later, and got a reply that it is too late now, and my booking is no longer valid. Good for me, I still have time to book another flight, but never again I... More...
    alenana's Picture   alenana    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globester Consumer complaint

    I booked a round trip flight from LaGuardia to Myrtle Beach back in late January through Globester. Upon booking, I received an email saying I was successfully booked. The email also asked me to call the Globester customer service number and confirm over the phone my booking. I was puzzled why I had to call to confirm after already receiving and email saying I was confirmed, but I did it anyway. When the "customer service representative" answered it sounded like she as in her kitchen and there were babies crying in the background. I was told by the woman, I was confirmed.... More...
    glenntv's Picture   glenntv    1 Comments   Comments

    ABIGFUCKYOU's Picture   ABIGFUCKYOU    1 Comments   Comments
  • Atrocious Customer Service and Ridiculous Fees!

    Oh my God! This tops my list of worst online "discount" travel companies, along with Orbitz. Just spent the better part of the day attempting to cancel travel reservations due to a death in the family and the representatives were both insensitive and completely unwilling to waive any cancellation fees - even though the airline had waived their fees. Was repeatedly placed on hold and was shuffled from one agent to the next. My ordeal was made even more difficult because the agents couldn't even speak fluent English. The irony is that, as we later learned, had we originally... More...
    hsimon2012's Picture   hsimon2012    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor customer Service And Website Issues

    Tried purchasing tickets. Page timed out the first three times I tried to purchase them. When I finally was able to put my information in without it timing out, it went through processing then stated the ones I was trying to purchase were sold out. The alternate they then offered was 5 times the cost of the ones I was trying to buy. When I called for help - someone from India answered so they were too difficult to understand. They took down some information said they'd call back to help book it and I've never heard back. Luckily, I found some through another website for... More...
    Rika2006's Picture   Rika2006    1 Comments   Comments
  • Booking a Flight

    I just booked a flight for my elderly mother to and from Sarasota, Florida. I received an email confirmation, but was not allowed to choose a seat when I had just done so for myself with United directly. Then I received a call from them early this morning, asking me to call back to confirm. Within minutes, I have called back 3 times - "Closed!" at 8:30 a.m.! I should have known when I scrolled down through the state listings and found "Indiana" typed "Indiania!" More...
    egingeri's Picture   egingeri    1 Comments   Comments

    This review has been resolved or replied to by this company. Never Again. I booked air travel and a hotel room in Aruba through Globester. Viewing my online credit card statement, I saw where I was charged twice for the hotel, from two travel agencies I had never contacted, TSP Travel and LBF Travel. All reservations were made through Globester. Not exaggerating, I called Globester customer service every day for 9 days to get it straightened out. Their call center is obviously in India and it is nearly impossible to interpret their English. I was told a different story all 9 times, sometimes referred to TSP or LBF, sometimes the rep would act... More...
    PALALT's Picture   PALALT    1 Comments   Comments
  • Unhonest and poor customer support

    I booked an airline ticket on their website, and received confirmation email. Next day, they sent me another email and accused that the airline company had sent them an incorrect quote and pumped up $100 more plus the transaction fee for using credit card. I gave them permission to complete the transaction. And they charged even more on my credit card for no reason. I emailed them and they just ignored it. On the return trip, there was a conflict with my flight, I emailed them for assisting and ... no surprise there was no help from them at all. "you need to contact the airline"... More...
  • Flight

    At 3pm I submitted an order for a flight from D.C. to Saigon for the next day. After promptly sending them the scanned information they requested and confirmed that everything was okay by 4pm, did not hear from them. Its 10:16 now and furious because I do not know weather or not I have a flight in the morning or not. Seriously garbage company, pay a little more and get a real ticket from a serious company. More...
    shermhead's Picture   shermhead    1 Comments   Comments
  • Globester

    this company has stolen money from me without my authorization.. they took off charges because they charged me the wrong amount (charged about $150 extra)the charges disappeared for almost a week and a half.. so i called and left a voicemail and no reply... then after i dont know how long they reappeared but this time.. they didnt book all my flights.. so i wanted to just cancel everything with them but no of course thats not an option.. so instead of 8 tickets i only got 5.. apparently this company is really bad with numbers.. More...
    peelia's Picture   peelia    1 Comments   Comments
  • displeased

    This company is awful...they continue to take and additional $1 out of my account daily for whatever reason...i will report them to the BBB and try and get this resolved....I entered my address and phone number and when i printed my itenerary it had another address and phone number, they said they changed it and then i received an email stating it could not be changed...I had to purchase a specific seat because they don't give you an option to select a seat...they have taken an additional $30.75 out of my account....very displeased and will never use them again for anything More...
    WTF123's Picture   WTF123    1 Comments   Comments
  • confirm your flight everyday!!

    We have used globester many many times. Either to fly family or friends to visit us or if family travels elsewhere they have always asked us to make the reservations for them. My son a US Marine also has used them often to fly from Japan to Ohio and from Japan to Kansas. On a few occasions we have had a few problems with this company, They made arrangements emailed us and then canceled the flight and reschedled the flight on a different date. At first I thought we had just mixed the date and times up BUT!!!! After this happened twice and After calling the airlines and being on the phone... More...
    uknowwhoiam65's Picture   uknowwhoiam65    2 Comments   Comments
  • Globester

    OK, I booked a cheap international flight on Globester, and before doing so, I asked about any difficulty in getting decent seating. I was assured that seating was normal, just call once your receive your confirmation. Well, I called and learned that there were only middle seats on one leg, but a window on the other. So I took the window. On the same call I paid the airline extra $ for 5" of leg room in coach. A few days later I called the airline again to try and improve seating. Was told there are only middle seats, and an upgrade was impossible, as my Globester fare... More...
    johnf's Picture   johnf    2 Comments   Comments
  • nightmare...ever...

    worse nightmare of my life.. its true , they are selling a fake me and yet they not give me a full refund like they promise, been 6 months now , i still havnt seen my money... oh....i wish they go to jail one day and learn what's a real darkness is...... do not use this company if u dont want to lose your money! More...
    montangggg's Picture   montangggg    1 Comments   Comments

    This is easily one of the WORST companies I had to deal with; here's the story: I purchased a roundtrip ticket through these guys back last summer and I got my eticket fine, I got to the airport about an hour and a half before the flight (it was international so you need to be at the airport at least an hour ahead) and the guy at the ticket counter told me that they were fully booked and that I had to take the next flight. So I spent over 6 hours negotiating to get on the next flight, but there was this "issue" with my ticket being bought through a "consolidator" so... More...
  • Suck

    I used this Globester to secure my flight for my honeymoon. I booked several months before and they sent confirmation. I never got an updated flight schedule. I called them weeks before the wedding and of course since they don't have customer service, it was impossible to get a hold of them. Finally three days before we were to fly out they call and tell us we don't have a ticket and it was a credit card error. I called our credit card company and they have no record of any error, unavailable balance or anything. Globester said they sent me an email and called me. None of... More...
    mel1's Picture   mel1    0 Comments   Comments


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